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Folk songs

Songs and music of Västerbotten

The forgotten Västerbotten tradition of folk songs is brought back to life by three of Umeå´s most prominent folk-, world- and jazz musicians. Mats Öberg (keyboards), Lisa Lestander (song) and Jonas Knutsson (saxophone).

The project will consist of researching archives, as well as arranging and recording the music that has been discovered.

During the capital of culture year 2014, songs and tunes that not has been performed on stage before will be brought to light once again. Some of the concerts will be held during the Umeå Folk Music Festival as well as Riksspelmansstämman.

The project has received a Cultural Boost from Umeå2014.

Organizer: Knutsson/Lestander/Öberg
Contact: Lisa Lestander

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