Visit Umeå

Umeå is a youthful city with a rich selection of cultural activities and places of entertainment, as well as a beautiful countryside. During several decades Umeå has given the role of culture high priority in its city planning. We have long believed that culture contributes to a creative and growth-promoting social climate.

Umeå´s strength lies in that we are curious and highly motivated to do new things. At the same time we know that we cannot sit back and depend on old traditions. We know that we must work with others, something we do most willingly. In Umeå one finds a cultural climate that is freer than many other places. Many of our cultural activities are of high quality and status. We constantly take on new challenges and dare to walk on thin ice. Often this is successful since we are many who are willing to face a risk.

During 2014 visitors will be pouring into Umeå and they will of course be taken care of in the best possible way. Our desire is to create a special feeling and an atmosphere that the visitors will remember long after they have left Umeå.

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