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Folkmusikeuropa till Umeå

Projektet handlar om att sammanföra unga folkmusiker från Europa och bilda ett tillfälligt europeiskt folkmusikstorband där deltagarna lär varandra sin musik. En chartrad buss ska åka från Slovenien, via Österrike och Tyskland till Sverige och Umeå. På vägen kan deltagare plockas upp och gerillaspelningar eller större arrangemang genomföras. Väl i Umeå genomförs kurser, workshops och offentliga konserter runtom i staden.

Around 40 great young folk musicians, each from different parts of the world are occupying towns, villages and forests of Europe during three weeks of summer 2014. The orchestra changes every environment into a stage, every concert into a show, every day into a new experience!


Though this orchestra is uniquely put together for 2014, the connection and foundation have been made through many years when young musicians have been meeting and playing together at Etno Histeria camp in Gracisce, Slovenia. The participants come from all over Europe to learn folk music from each other, under the leadership of experienced mentors and organizers. This year, is the first time in history we make a traveling caravan out of this project!


Each day on the way the group learn new songs from local people and transform them into unique orchestral compositions. The participants add new tunes to their concert repertoire everyday, which they have learned from each other within the group. Every day they perform at peoples homes, in schools, community centres or on big stages at festivals in cities, villages or squares.


Starting in Czech Republic, the orchestra will go by bus all over Poland, through Baltic countries, Åland and Sweden before ending up in European Capital of Culture 2014 Umeå. The project will complete itself together with even more young musicians from Sweden, Norway and Finland and become the huge musical project Folkskandia. During four days of workshops and public performances the city of Umeå will be occupied by music and emotions, collected during the trip through Europe, performed by Umeuropa Caravan and Folkskandia.


This project is partially funded by the Cultural Capital Comitee of Umeå. Press release:
The Etno Histeria Umeuropa Caravan consists of musicians from 16 countries; Austria, Australia, Chile, Czech Republic, Canada, Denmark, England, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, Scotland, Slovenia, Sweden and Ukraine. 

Arrangör: Föreningen Umeå Unga Folkmusiker i Umeå
Kontakt Anton Teljebäck
070-329 94 92

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