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Guitar museum turns up the volume

A brand new website is a window for anyone interesting in Guitars – The Museum, which will open in Umeå in February 2014. According to experts, it will have the world’s finest collection.

On the first day of the new website (see link below), 900 people ”Liked” it. Visitors to the site are greeted with a video tour of the former school and a Behind the Scenes link, which describes the renovation of the building.

”We want to welcome visitors into the building and have a dialogue with them. This is a modern way of running a business,” says Fredrik Fagerlund, a co-owner of the live music venue Scharinska, which will also be moving into the building.

Complete collection
Six months before the opening ceremony, the Guitars – The Museum has received a lot of international press, including support for the website’s statement that the Åhdén brothers’ collection is the ”world’s finest”.

”International visitors from Guitarist Magazine say that the collection is the finest they’ve ever seen, because of how comprehensive it is. This naturally makes us very happy,” says Fagerlund.

Local première
Recently, Phil Savidge visited Umeå. Savidge has represented many well-known bands and musicians over the years. He is the project’s press officer and handles international press relations from his office in London.

”But the international launch will have to wait. When Guitars – The Museum opens in February, only local artists will be taking part,” says Fagerlund.

”Umeå has an amazing music scene, and we are happily relying on it for our opening. The international première will be a few months later, and then some of the biggest guitar names in the world will be here.”

The location: Vasagatan
”The plans for the former school (Vasaskolan), with a music venue, bar and music shop, are to incorporate it into a larger context. It’s an urban development project,” says Fagerlund.

”We want to turn the street Vasagatan into a destination. You should be able to spend an entire day here. A visitor can start down by the river to get a tattoo, and then drop off his bag at the hotel, have a coffee, go to a meeting, eat lunch, grab a snack in Vasaskolan, see a concert at NorrlandsOperan and then return to Vasaskolan to listen to Dennis Lyxzén.

European tour
Recently, Guitars – The Museum took part in the Stockholm Culture Festival and an event in Gothenburg, where an electric guitar was raffled off at each event.

During September and October 2013, the museum is taking part in Caught by Umeå, a roadshow to seven major European cities organised by Umeå2014.

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