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Northern Light

This year, 13 December will be an extraordinary Lucia Day. A colourful show kicks off at 7pm at Rådhustorget. Northern Light includes light projections onto the old town hall and artists from Umeå, Sápmi and the rest of Sweden. Performers include Seinabo Sey, INVSN, Caotico, Maxida and Mimie Märak, Kitok, Katarina Barruk and Svante Henryson and others. Northern Light is a multi artwork based on innovative stories combining speech, sound, images and movement.

Umeå will also be passing the baton on to the next two capitals of culture, Mons in Belgium and Plzen in the Czech Republic, who will have representatives with us during the evening.

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Seinabo Sey is one of this year’s biggest breakout artists. In a time when fewer and fewer artists are taking the opportunity to convey clear messages, Seinabo Sey wants to talk to directly to her audience. Younger, her first single in collaboration with producer and songwriter Magnus Lidehäll, is an explosive pop song with an exceptional singing performance and an incomparably sophisticated and modern production that shows why Sweden is a leader in pop music.

INVSN (formerly known as The Lost Patrol band and Invasionen) is fronted by Dennis Lyxzén, best known as the singer of Refused. Their sound delivers subversively deliberate pop through a post-punk lens and embodies elements of Joy Division. In the past year they have played more than 100 shows around the world, from Havana, Cuba, to Los Angeles and Budapest. But they have never left their home town Umeå.

Kitok’s music is about letting go. About finding the key to an expression that unlocks everything the world. It is street culture, punk, hip hop, flickering VHS videos, the Internet’s anarchistic aesthetic, anxiety, humour and a Sámi heritage melded into a truly masterly exhibition of irreverent songwriting. The band’s début single, Sista utposten, was released this past spring and was followed by STHLM City and their third single, Paradise Jokkmokk. During the summer of 2014, Kitok toured throughout Sweden and played at music festivals like Storsjöyran, Siesta and Kirunafestivalen.

Vocal quartet Kraja is made up of four female vocalists from Umeå. The group’s trademark is its unique harmonies and sounds originating in folk music. After 12 years on the stage, they have become something of a oddity as young veterans of Swedish folk singing. Over the years the group has spellbound both local and international audiences. Now, in 2014, a new album is on the group’s to-do list. The production will be released during the spring of 2015.

Ever since he began working for the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra at age 19, Svante Henryson has worked at the highest international level in rock, jazz and classical music and is known as a virtuoso on both the double bass, cello and electric bass. He is also a composer with symphonic, choral and chamber music pieces to his name. As a composer and improviser, Henryson effortlessly moves across a broad musical spectrum with his three musical instruments, a fact to which his long list of renowned collaborators can attest. Henryson received the Jazzkatten award as Sweden’s 2014 Musician of the Year (Årets Musiker 2014).

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Maxida Märak is a musician, actress and artist. Her Sami storytelling is innovative and she takes the traditional Sami song style of jojk to a new level with hiphop-trance-house feeling and scathing rap lyrics. Mimie Märak delivers her thoughts in crystal clear poetry that is expressive, emotional and difficult to resist. She is a master of Poetry Slam but also writes columns and scripts.

Umeå-based electropop band Caotico is finally back with new material. Caotico’s charming 80s-style synth melodies won our hearts, ears and playlists when their acclaimed début album, Sunrise Confessions, was released two years ago. It is predicted that Caotico will become Umeå’s next big pop act, and we have every reason to believe that their time has arrived.

Katarina Barruk is a Ume Sami artist living in Umeå. The jojk is a central part of her compositions. She was named the Young Sami Artist of the Year at Riddu Riddu in 2012.

Anette Bergström and Jakob Isaksson

Anette Bergström has been practising wushu the past seven years and has competed for the Swedish national wushu team. She spent 2013 in China to study and take part in several competitions, shows and movies.

Jakob Isaksson has been a student to a master on a sacred mountain in China. Now he works at the Royal Opera as a dancer and instructor. Jakob has competed and performed with the best kung fu athletes and has several World Championship medals on his wall.

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Morgan Ågren, Jonna Löfgren, Erik Dahlgren, Sten Öberg, Malin Jonsson, Micke Emsing and Malin Ernestad.

Morgan Ågren has won Grammys on both sides of the Atlantic. At a young age, he began playing together with keyboardist Mats Öberg. Word of their talents spread around the world, and Frank Zappa invited them to participate in some projects. Morgan has been named the world’s best fusion drummer.

Malin Ernestad, born and raised in Umeå, started playing the drums at the age of nine. Today, she and her brother Victor make up the duo A Bigger Boat, and she also performs as a guest artists with other bands.

Micke Emsing was born in Umeå in 1980. During his career he has played with such greats as Jonas Knutsson. He has also shared his sound with the software Toontracks EZdrummer and Superior Drummer.

Sten Öberg has participated in Umeå’s jazz festival every year since its inception in 1968. He has played with many American, Nordic and Swedish jazz stars, including Bill Evans and Jokkmokks-Jokke. In 1967, he was named Europe’s Best Drummer.

Jonna Löfgren from Boden is the drummer of the Glasgow-based indie band Glasvegas, which is currently recording its next album. Drums are one of the most important things in her life.

In 1978 Erik Dahlgren formed the now classic rock band Nasty Music. He has also played with the acoustic band Trio Lligo, the film music orchestra Projektor 7 and the pop band The Wannadies.

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Lördag dec 13 2014 19:00 - 20:14 Town Hall Square

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